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Boris Bukowski, Anton Herzl, Jack Bauer

The singer Boris Bukowski with the artists Anton Herzl and Jack Bauer at the Höfefest

Brasilianischer Schamane und Heiler

Brazilian Shaman

Franz Salmeyer with a Brazilian Shaman and healer

Bruno Ribeiro

Bruno Ribeiro – the tenor from the opera Carmen – visited the Bürgerhaus Salmeyer.

Dough Wimbish

Doug Wimbish

Doug Wimbish is the bass guitarist of the famous New Yorker Alternative Metal Band Living Colour. He also played for Mick Jagger, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Mos Def, and many other artists.

Hollywood in Klosterneuburg

As part of an annual music workshop in Klosterneuburg we have always celebrated guests from Hollywood to visit: Conrad Pope, musician & composer (music for Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean) and Dimitrie Leivici, musician, composer and violinist (works for Steven Spielberg, Barbara Streisand)

Franz Salmeyer and Inspector Rex

Inspector Rex

Rex, the famous TV dog of the internationally successful television series Inspector Rex, visited Franz Salmeyer.

Barbara Bartmann, Franz Salmeyer und Julia Kranz

Julia Cranz

Hatter Julia Cranz (right) with Barbara Bartmann and Franz Salmeyer

Karl Vondal

Karl Vondal

Karl Vondal, artist of Gugging

Mario Soldo, Elisa Malek & Co

Agency director Mario Soldo and Designer Elisa Malek: Shooting with 3 beautiful women

Matthias von Stegmann & Franz Salmeyer

Matthias von Stegmann, opera director  and translator of the series “The Simpsons” and the concert organizer Michael Haring, were guests at the Bürgerhaus Salmeyer

Michi Kaufmann

Michi Kaufmann

Michi Kaufmann – filming in Bürgerhaus Salmeyer.

Mister Wang mit Familie

Mr. Wang

The gallerist Mr. Wang and his family from Peking visited the Bürgerhaus Salmeyer.

Nora Frey and Christian Gartner

Nora Frey & Christian Gartner

The moderator Nora Frey and Ö3 (Austrian Radio) Creative director Christian Gartner at breakfast in Bürgerhaus Salmeyer.

Peter Legat

Peter Legat

The composer and guitar player Peter Legat (founder of the famous Jazzband Count Basic) visited the Bürgerhaus Salmeyer.

Peter Patzak

Peter Patzak reads at the Höfefest.

Sandeep Bhagwati

Sandeep Bhagwati

The Indian composer, artist, curator and writer Sandeep Bhagwati has visited the Bürgerhaus Salmeyer.

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Director, Writer and Oscar winner (Die Fälscher) Stefan Ruzowitzky

Thomas Kosma und Franz Salmeyer

Thomas Kosma

Thomas Kosma (Artist)

Univ. Prof. Herbert Lachmayer & Charity Lang

Charity Lang, Univ. Prof. Herbert Lachmayer and Barbara Bartmann