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The estate


The two alcoves which have been excavated to date were built during the gothic period. A subterranean tunnel built in the Middle Ages, connected the house with the monastery up until the middle of the last century. In addition, a house dating to the 15th century was excavated during current archaeological digs in the garden.

House, courtyard and garden

The house possesses an alcove from the late gothic period which displays a princely coat of arms. The Fade exhibits a medley of architectural details from the 16th century as well as from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In 1993 important murals were discovered while doing installation work in the driveway. It is estimated that that the murals date back to the year 1400.

Area attractions

Klosterneuburg and the surrounding offer a large selection of attractions including:
– cultural sites
– bike paths and hiking trails
– gastronomic variety
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